1. What does IT security do?
  2. What is Firewall?
  3. What is IP table
  4. What does Snort do?
  5. What is wire-shark?
  6. How do you change DNS in Linux/Windows?
  7. What is the difference between Encoding, Encryption and Hashing?
  8. What is SSL?
  9. What is TLS?
  10. What is HTTPS?
  11. What is Salting?
  12. How public key and private key is working?
  13. What is Brute Force Attack?
  14. What is Denial of Service Attack?
  15. What is XSS?
  16. What is SQL Injections?
  17. What is application vulnerability?
  18. As a web security tester what will you test?


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