• What does Programming Language do?
  • Which Programming language do you know?
  • As a tester why we learn Java programming Language?
  • What is Eclipse?
  • “What does compile and run mean in Programming? Tell the difference?”
  • Tell me 5 Java programs you have wrote?
  • What does Project, Package and Class mean in java?
  • What is data type? What are different data types you know in Java?
  • What is variable? Show me advantages of variables in example?
  • What does System.out.println() do in java?
  • Which java library you know to read from keyboard, or text file?
  • Show me the structure of a method in Java?Tell me an example of using method?
  • What does access modifier mean in java?
  • Show the difference between access modifiers, theoretically.
  • What is array? Why we use it? Show in Example.
  • What is the use of if..else and switch conditions?


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