Mandatory Section (Level -1):

1) Can you develop Test Cases for web portals using requirement ? Explain the process?
2) Can you develop Test Cases for web applications without using requirement? Explain the process?
3) Are you comfortable designing test cases? Explain how to write test cases? What it contains?
4) What is Test Plan? Do you know how to develop Test Plan document for any application which you working on? Explain what are sections include in test plan document?
5) Explain few defects which you found in your projects? How did you report defects in your project (I mean your defect management process)? What bug report contains?
6) Explain Testing methodology did you use in your projects?
7) Have you develop traceability matrix (RTM)? Explain what it contains and why you develop this document?

Medium Level ( Level -2):

8) What are different types of testing you are familiar? Please explain each one connecting with your projects?
10) Explain test environment of travel portal projects?
11) Explain your project team structure? How do they use to work in agile methodology?

Advance Level ( Level 3 ):

12) Explain various manual testing documents which you developed for your various projects?
13) Explain various testing methodologies you are familiar or apply in your projects?
14) What will you test in E-commerce project? Explain in detail?
15) What will you test under GUI testing?
16) Explain structure of your QA deptt in general?
17) Explain various types of requirement documents you are familiar with? What they contain?
18) Explain following terms:
a) Test Strategy b) Exit criteria c) Control procedures
19) You have to test many things (too many test cases) and you have a very short time left to finish the release. How will you handle testing that situation?
20) How will you test any web portal or application in general? List as many as possible general items which you will test?

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