• What is quality center?
  • Is QC a functional automation tool?
  • Do developers use QC tool?
  • Can we maintain traceability matrix using QC?
  • Can we run manual test cases using ALM?
  • Can we import test cases into ALM?
  • Can we export the file from quality center to excel or word?
  • How to install QC?
  • Why did you use QC in your testing job?
  • Is it possible to maintain test data in quality center?
  • What are the advantages of quality center?
  • What is add-in in QC?
  • What is the default database in quality center?
  • How can we export test cases from QTP into QC?
  • How many built-in tables does quality center have?
  • What types of databases can be used in QC?
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