HP ALM (Mandatory part)
1) Tell me whatever you know about QC?
2) Explain how did you use QC for storing test cases?
3) Explain what is Test Lab? Why and how we use it?
4) Explain how we manage release part (ALM) through QC?
5) How did you manage defects using QC during last project?

Intermediate Level

6) How do you manage / keep requirement under QC?
7) Can we create traceability matrix in QC? How?
8) Explain various reporting features in QC? List few reports which you have developed using QC?
9) What are other test planning and defect management tools do you know? Can you compare QC with those?

Advance Level

10) Are you aware with HP admin tasks? Did you perform those at your last work place? Please list few?
11) Do you think we develop internal test planning tool or buy commercial one from market? Why?
12) Can we manage automation test cases and scripts using QC? How?

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