Unix Core :
1) Tell me few file system commands which you used?
2) How will you check that web server is running on unix box?
3) What UNIX OS you work on?
4) Tell me how to rename a file in UNIX?
5) Tell me why did use Linux environment in UNIX job?
6) How do you check log files? List few commands?
7) Tell me vi related commands? any other UNIX editors you familiar with?
8) How do you install any application on UNIX platform?
9) How do you check unix file permissions? How do you change for your team member?
10) What are the tasks which you did on UNIX machines as tester?

1) How can you compress folders?
2) How can you move files from one system to other system?
3) How will you test load on unix system and manage it?
4) How do you reboot unix box?
5) How do you switch from one user to other user?
6) How will install builds on unix system?
7) How do you check syntax of unix commands?
8) What is difference between find and grep?
9) How do you put command output to file?
10) how do you recycled services on UNIX machine?

Advance Level:
1) What are UNIX shells available?
2) Tell me any shell script which you developed?
3) What is AWK?
4) What is sed?

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