• How to check size of big files?
  • How to check permission on files?
  • What are various protocols you are familiar with?
  • How to check memory and cpu performance of machine?
  • How to check in which directory you are?
  • What are various shells available in UNIX? Which shell did you use?
  • How to join various UNIX commands?
  • How to count words in unix file?
  • How to compress unix files?
  • How to transfer UNIX files from one machine to another machine?
  • What is shell scripting? explain few programs which may be useful?
  • What is unix jobs? How to run them?
  • What is a way to reach to various UNIX machines?
  • What are various types of UNIX apps run on UNIX machines?
  • What are meta characters in UNIX?
  • How to reboot UNIX machines?


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