Answer the following questions for E-Commerce portal

  • Develop the questionnaires for creating E-Commerce portal for Registration, Login, Product Inventory, Searching, E-cart, Payment and Shipping.
  • Create stakeholders chart for this E-commerce portal
  • List various methods to collect the above requirements
  • Develop 20 user stories, 15 use case and a usecase diagram.
  • Design wireframe and mock ups for login, registration and cart modules.
  • Create sequence diagram, state diagram, package diagram, package diagram, activity diagram and component diagram of this portal.
  • Create object diagram for travel portal.
  • Create BRD, SRD and FRD for E-commerce portal.
  • Create a change management plan for E-commerce portal.
  • Develop business process modeling for E-commerce payment system.
  • Develop and implement user acceptance testing (UAT) plan for E-commerce portal

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