Apply the following

  • Run “ps aux” command and save the output to a file.
  • Run “top” command and explain CPU, Network, Memory usages properly. Identify which program/process is using a lot memory and kill it.
  • Check your network is working or not using ‘ping’ command to “”.
  • Give a report that shows how many free space you have in your system.
  • Transfer your file from windows machine to Unix machine.
  • “Create a “tours1” directory and add “requirement” and “test” subdirectories under it.
  • Add “testPlan” and “testCase” file under “test” subdirectory. Write any two login test cases in “testCase” file. Copy the “tours1” directory to “tours2” and remove “tours1” use a tar command to zip files and move to other place.a

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