Apply the following tasks for Gmail, Travel Portal

    1) Add user story issue in the product backlog
    2) Provide user story estimation time (points)
    3) Add task issue in the product backlog
    4) Link it with a user story
    5) Add test case issue in the product backlog
    6) Assign to yourself
    7) Link it with a user story
    8) Write test steps for your test case
    9) Create a separate sprint for yourself
    10) Add these issues from product backlog to an this sprint
    11) Start this sprint
    12) On Active Sprint Dashboard filter issues only for your sprint
    13) On Active Sprint Dashboard move new issues from “To Do” to “WIP”
    14) Execute your test cases
    15) Create defect issues with attachments
    16) Link them with a user story and test case
    17) Log work time for test case issue
    18) Move all finished issues from “WIP” to “Done” on Active Sprint Dashboard
    19) Generate Burndown Chart for active sprint
    20) Generate Traceability Matrix for your user stories

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