• Define use of following commands: get(url), getTitle(), geturl(), getWindowHandle(), driver.getWindowHandles(),getPageSource()
  • How do you find element in WebDriver?
  • Which WebDriver command is used to manage alerts, frame and windows?
  • List and explain all possible commands to manage alerts?
  • List and explain WebDriver navigate commands?
  • How many alerts a web Page can have at a time?
  • Which alert command is used to cancel a displayed alert?
  • Explain and show how to switch between windows?
  • How to clear content of an input box?Why we need that?
  • How to get attribute value like color of an element?
  • How to select one value from list box?
  • How to Select from radio elements?
  • Explain the difference between isDisplayed(), isEnabled(), isSelected() WebDriver commands?


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