Project 1- – What to Test 

ITLearn360 :-

  • Check if the search box is present or not.
  • Does the search box show search page without any search query?
  • What does the search page shows if you enter nothing in the search box and hit enter or press finder icon?
  • Check the characters allowed to be entered into the search box.
  • Does the search box present auto suggestions when the query is being typed?
  • Does the search box allow searching with incorrect spellings?
  • Check login form is available
  • Login text boxes should be editable
  • Check login button is present and clickable
  • Validation message should be shown when special characters are entered in the username field, or when the invalid username and/or password is entered or the fields are left blank
  • Check lost password option allows resetting password
  • All mandatory fields are highlighted in the registration form
  • Check error message is displayed if any of mandatory field is skipped
  • Check on every page especially on registration page back button is given
  • All buttons should be clickable and are of same color and font size
  • Login credentials, especially password, should be stored in the database in an encrypted format
  • After logout if the user clicks on back button user should not be able to login within the same session, it should redirect to login page
  • Verify there is no dead page or invalid redirects.
  • First, check all the validations on each field.
  • For every course preview videos is given
  • Check Training highlights are shown at home page
  • Check need help/support is displayed over each page
  • Check Font type and size
  • Minimum and Maximum lengths should be set for all the text boxes
  • Scroll bar should be given
  • New training highlights should be given
  • Video presentation of itlearn360 is given
  • List of popular certifications is given at home page
  • At bottom Student, reviews should be given
  • Direct link for self-paced courses is given with respective price
  • “Check all links at top Menu
    Live Project Solutions
    Self Paced Courses
    Upcoming Online Classes
  • Check all courses drop-down list is showing the complete list of course and allows to select any course
  • Verify that content on certificates of each course is correct
  • Check with every course student feedback is given with rating
  • Course Curriculum is available for all the courses
  • Verify that No course is empty

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