• What is testNG?Compare it with Junit.
  • How to use testNG in Eclipse
  • List 11 annotations in testNG.
  • What does @Test do?
  • What does @BeforeClass do?
  • Which annotation we use to run something before each @Test runs?
  • How to run only @Test methods which are in the same group?
  • What do you understand by: @Test(dependsOnMethods = { “testTwo”, “testThree” })
  • What is the default execution order testNG follow? What does @Test(priority = 5) do?
  • What does @Test(enabled = false) do?
  • What will happen if I parameterize a test method enabled=false, where other test methods are depend on it.
  • What does @DataProvider do?Show in example.
  • What does @Parameters do? Show in example.
  • Explain the following: <parameter name=”browserName” value=”Chrome”/>
  • What is Threading in Computer Science
  • “Explain the following : <suite name=”Suite” parallel=”method” thread-count=”10″>
  • Show your best approach for login/logout test using testNG annotations.


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